• Earring l OSU Triangle Stud

Earring l OSU Triangle Stud

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Earring l OSU Triangle Stud

Handmade right here in OKLAHOMA!! Polymer clay earrings!

The best way to keep your polymer clay items safe is to store them in a dry place where they won't be bumped or knocked around. Make sure nothing is laying on top of them or anything putting pressure on the pieces.  We suggest keeping them in a box when you're not wearing them or have them in a hanging place safe and sound. 

Polymer clay can easily scuff or change colors when you wear them while applying makeup or hairspray. We suggest that you wait to put them on while using products. However, if you do get makeup or anything on them, you can use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to get any residue off of the earrings. If your earring has gold foil or paint, avoid those areas because it will take it off.